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iLLUSTRATED is the newest project by the emcee-meets-writer, iLL CAMILLE, consisting of 14 tracks which can best be described as a culmination of hip hop & soul.

The term is “iLLUSTRATED” is defined as : “To enlighten by making clear through clarification and or comparisons”

Ill Camille does just that with her colorful choice of words, spectrum of sound, and a creativity beyond that of confines of rap. Working closely under the guidance of DJ Battlecat who gave her her first single. “All I Know” **for the her first project, “The Pre-Write“, iLL CAMILLE creates the perfect balance of old & new. With only 2 years of industry experience with the decades of as a writer and emcee, iLL CAMILLE has collaborated and worked with the likes of both up-in-comers and established musicians such as 9th Wonder, Bobby Valentino, Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt & Terrace Martin to name a few.

“I did iLLUSTRATED to dig deeper into who I am as an artist of course, but I am a person first… I am just a regular human being, and I hope people hear that in the music above all else.”- iLL CAMiLLE