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What makes K2 stand out is the fact that he is a LGBT rapper who actually got some bars in a judgmental industry. The attitude is forthcoming and the talent is legit…he even goes on to diss some hip hop legends like Jay-Z and 2 Pac just to show that he is no rapper to mess with. If you want to come for him you better come prepared because he is not scared of talking trash. The flow is mad lit and the lyrics come as hard as they come. K2 with that attitude and bars can climb up the trap ladder and displace whack rappers in the industry. K2 is ballsy enough to come for the old heads of Hip-Hop. “The 90 shit is boring you can’t turn up to that, you can’t get used to cube you can’t hold back to Pac.” his versatility and strangeness is exactly what the game needs to put it all on a standstill and to break boundaries in Rap for LGBT lyricists.