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Always willing to “Collab” with his people AjGod uses an eclectic style of melody and Syncopated rhythms in order to illustrate his perspective on life. AjGods Influences include Lyricist like Tupac, Kendrick Lamar and Krs One. He touches on topics of Struggle and what it means to be a young Black Man in America. His words Pair nicely with a beat selection that reflect bay roots: like Mobby bass lines, funky synths and melodic drums that talk to you. Imagine to and Diverse influences of Bob Marley’s Optimism Self reflecting pieces and smooth cadences laced with soulful statements, he wants you take something from every occasion you take a listen. Being from the City of Panthers, AjGod consistently draws attention to his want build has observed enough of his city to know that change is needed and in the midst of even some of his lighter work, his words shows that he still wants you to think.

Check out AjGod’s latest album: E.S.O. Teric right here on Worldwide Mixtapes. If you want to stream it, you can find it on Apple Music and more streaming platforms.