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Arriving on my desk earlier today at the Worldwide Mixtapes office is the album “The Otherside: An Art Exhibit” from Recording Artist, Producer, and Engineer…Apollo. This album has an very organic feel to it which is why it’s probably called an Art Exhibit. With songs such as “Medicine” and “Wild One”, it sort of reminds of a mix of 808’s & Heartbreaks and Travis Scott’s Rodeo album but with more of a conscious feeling to it. The recording quality is top notch and the production is laced with smooth grooves and breakbeats.

This brother from the ATL, who is a veteran of the A3C Festival scene, is part of the The Round Table which is a collective of talented individuals who are on the rise. The are following the likes of The Dungeon Family, Outkast, SMKA, and many more. Be sure to stream/download this album here today or you can also download “The Otherside: An Art Exhibit” off of Apollo’s website: http://trt-music.com/the-otherside.