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What up yal, it’s Shomi back with another mixtape review for the Worldwide Mixtapes listeners. Just got an email this morning from Baltimore, Maryland recording artist: Avery LR. His new mixtape is called Surviving and it’s pretty solid. Right off the bat Avery goes in on the Chiraq instrumental. Normally I don’t even listen to tapes where artist record over industry instrumentals (it’s so 2000’s for me haha). But this one is cool because Avery is saying some fly and catchy shit.

Avery LR

Avery is well known in the underground Hip Hop scene in his area for the grind and hustle he puts into not only his work but his life as well. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Avery spent most of his adolescence
being shuffled all around the state before moving to Colombia with his grandmother, where she taught Avery the dangers of drugs and crime. Making frequent prison visits with her to see various family members, including his mother, had a lasting impression on him, and he promised himself that he would never end up like them. As he grew older, frustrated with his surroundings and financially struggling in Maryland, he made the move from the slums of Baltimore to Salt Lake City with his mother. In Utah is where Avery got heavily involved with music, recording and
performing, and gained confidence as a freestyle rapper. This past January he dropped the mixtape “Surviving” and he has been on the come up ever since. Overall this 25 track mixtape is worth a listen. I’m going to give Surviving a 5.3 out of 10. I’d like to hear more of Avery on new production and listen to how he develops in the future. Drop a comment and let him know what you think as well.

Stream the mixtape here: