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Check out new single by up and coming artist D.O. titled “Preparin 4 2moro (feat J-ReeL). Brotherhood Infinity is a new label from Kinston, North Carolina. They’ve been keeping their music secret for a while now, but they’ve built an impressive collection, and all we can say is that their music will give you that good old school melancholia.
On June 12th, they released all their records free on Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, and all other social media platforms, and what we can say is that they’re hella impressive!
Whatever you’re feeling, you can check out their mixtapes or their albums and get that 90s hip hop vibe back!
D.O.’s – Preparin 4 2morrow has a strong hip-hop statement! With a sick instrumental, D.O. and J-ReeL are tearing the song apart and gets you pumping!