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Outer Body Experience’ by Bronx rapper DOT demo lives up to its namesake. The production and beat selection on this project are so well calculated and placed, making for a very visually vibrant and captivating release. DOT does a stellar job pulling together raw emotion and crafting an authentic listening experience for his audience.

From a lyrical standpoint ‘‘O.B.E’, is very much a solid offering from DOT. His display of range and style traverses a plethora of Hip Hop styles and subgenres. Songs like “Roberto Clemente” and “Mean With It” share a modern radio friendly trap influence. While the songs “The 144th” , and “Major Move” are much different sonically by contrast and have a more dated and laidback approach.

Halfway through the tape we begin to see an even more inspired and focused side of DOT. “Plugged” and “For The Set” are songs that I feel perfectly sum up DOT’s true identity, and signal a shift in the mood and direction of the tape. “Feature” is one of my favorite songs on the album. It opens up with a sample of David Banner’s 2003 Anthem, “Like A Pimp”. “Feature” reminds me of an unreleased song found somewhere in the TDE archives and sports a very cool and catchy hook.

DOT strikes me as a very humble artist, that being said he is very comfortable in his abilities and is not afraid to flex. ‘‘Outer Body Experience’ is a very well rounded project that pushes itself and the listener. Some familiar brushes are used to paint a new and refreshing picture, different elements and styles blended together to make something different.