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Just finished listening to this album called “Lucid” by Jacob Didas. It’s not what I would say it has the vibe of the likes of El-P, RTJ, Linkin Park, Asap Rock, etc. It’s very experimental and alternative. The production is a unique blend of beautiful pianos, string arrangements, digital distortion, electronic sounds and epic drum build ups. It’s a decent mixtape, I’d like to hear more as he continues to make music and improve. Jacob is from Buffalo, New York but currently in Kaneohe, Hawaii as part of the US Military. Early in his life, Jacob was troubled with intense anxiety and turned towards music to channel that anxiety into something productive. Starting with piano at ten and classically trained throughout his teen years, he came to the realization that improvisation and jazz struck a chord within him that he couldn’t ignore. Jacob says his goal with his music is to spread a message of love and togetherness in a world where people all share the same anxieties. Check it out and drop a comment!