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Atlanta is always making so much noise and has been home to some of the most influential artist in the game across multiple genres. The new wave of artist coming up in Atlanta, paving lanes and making a name for themselves today have multiple blueprints to choose from when planning their route to success. One provided blueprint comes compliments of Jeezy.

The much anticipated third installment in the “Trap or Die” series has finally arrived. Admittedly, Jeezy has never been one of my favorite artist. I appreciate his contributions to the game and he has had some series guest verses across his lengthy career. In my opinion there is a thin line between consistent and recycled. This of course is only my opinion and nothing more than that, an opinion. Jeezy has managed to remain relevant and maintain the attention of the ever changing audience.

Jeezy - Trap Or Die 3

‘Trap or Die 3’ sounds amazing, the production is right on time and perfectly compliments Jeezy’s lyrical style and method. Jeezy’s lyrical content has always been more or less the same, with a few instances of him changing lanes and taking different approaches in his subject matter. On this album he has tried to bring in the best of all of his identities and blend them together into a solid vibe. I really enjoyed the guest verses and features on this album. I wouldn’t have minded if Jeezy had included a few other names to the list, but the ones that did make it were well deserved.

“All There” features the late and talented Bankroll Fresh throughout the song and on the hook. “Going Crazy” finds French Montana providing a poignant verse. My favorite feature on the album goes to the ever confused Lil Wayne on the song “Bout That”. That is a story for another time. ‘Trap or Die 3’ isn’t my flavor but I did enjoy a few songs and features. At an objective standpoint I enjoyed this album as a contribution to the culture and the evidence of what hard work gets you.