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The Healing Component takes you on a trip through the universe that lives within Mick Jenkins psyche and explores the concept of “love” and its many aspects. Even while exploring a multitude of topics and sonic styles, this project is a very coordinated and well produced piece of artwork. This album contributes to the growth of not only the hip hop genre in the general sense but also at a very personal level for the listener. When listening, I was often reminded of experiences and their roles in who I’ve grown to become. The skits in between tracks are very deep and thought provoking as well as they explore the concept of love.

I was first introduced to Mick Jenkins by way of his fourth mixtape “The Water[s]” around 2 years ago. At the time, I was very much suffering from a severe case of dehydration. I was tired of listening to the same trap banger filled playlists I had been creating. I’m a huge fan of trap music and its many sub genres and offshoots, but could never go as far as to say that it was really feeding my soul and mind in the ways I’ve grown to crave.

Enter the young and exceedingly talented Mickalas Cage.

Mick Jenkins is a rare form of Emcee, hailing originally from Huntsville Alabama. “At nine years old I moved to the South Side of Chicago and I’ve been there ever since.”, He says in his own words on the song “Free Nation Rebel Soldier 2“. Jenkins has been signed to Free Nation, an imprint of Cinematic Music Group, home to the likes of – Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era Camp, as well as Big K.R.I.T., Kirk Knight, G Herbo and many more talented and extremely lyrical artists. It’s been a good fit seeing as Mick has made some serious leaps and bounds over the past two years that have brought him a lot of well deserved credit and attention.

Though he is far from a new comer, “The Healing Component(THC)”, counts as Jenkins’ debut full-length album. THC is a very dense and multi-layered album comprised of many levels and moods. It’s not just an album as much as it is a work of art. Jenkins paints vivid images in your mind using soothing melodies and slick and versatile word-play. Mick Jenkins has an undefinable range that stretches across many genres of music, making him an absolute monster over any production.

The Healing Component sources its production from some long time collaborators and familiar names. Picking up seemingly right where “Wave[s]” left us, Rascal and THEMpeople’s collaborative production efforts on the album’s intro and title track sets the tone and direction for THC. Sango then takes the wheel providing his familiar and unmistakably distinct touch to the record that begins to take it into a different dimension. ‘Daniels Bloom’ is a personal favorite of mine. Sango’s production perfectly compliments Mick’s endless range, as he starts off in an aggressive fashion and takes a twist and turn into something sweet and melodic all the while keeping your head knocking.

Mick Jenkins is a man of many levels and moods. His music is cryptic, yet clarifying; at times ice cold and distant, and other times warm and comforting. Jenkins acknowledges no limits or boundaries when it comes to his music. He has found a formula for song crafting, multiple times over and never sticks to any particular sound, often times even within the same project. The vibes and frequencies he emits are powerful and bottomless. There is a little bit of something in this project for all fans of the hip hop, soul, jazz, and funk genres. Mick Jenkins is currently on the road sharing his water and spreading love by way of his “A Quest For Love Tour“.


Mick Jenkins