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Here is the thing about Arizona artist (He was born in Los Angeles, CA), Ronnie Dijon is a very soulful brother. In his debut album “My Love Her Roses”, Ronnie traverses the album chasing after love in order to feel complete, he is on the quest of finding love within himself before trying to find it in others. The journey is a melodically beautiful and introspective one. On “Just Friends”, Ronnie and Waun Love trade verses confessing the deeper feelings they have for a woman who has them in the friendzone. On the song “Chicken Wings”, Ronnie turns up the swag on a beat that is very syrupy with trunk shaking bass. Lofty makes a guest appearance on the song as well. iContact is the song that I first heard by Ronnie and was hooked instantly. He has this vibe that reminds me of the likes of Isaiah Rashad and Jae Beau lends her soft and sensual vocals to the single. Overall I love the album, it’s deep, has a good balance of high and low points to carry the listener through the project, and its cohesive like a movie. Stream it right now if you have Spotify. You can also find it on Soundcloud, iTunes and other popular music platforms.