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A few weeks back I had the pleasure of reviewing a compilation from the guys over at 210 West Entertainment, check out the review here. ‘The Brand – Trademarked’ has a very diverse collection of songs, featuring several very talented artists and producers. One track that really stuck out and caught my attention was the song “Bastard’s Ballad” by Skai Harbor.

When I saw Skai’s E.P. pop up on my to-do list, it is needless to say I was enthusiastic. ‘Bastard Brother’ features not only one, but two songs from ‘The Brand’ compilation. Hearing these songs on the compilation, my first thoughts were how well they fit into building the overall feel and theme of the album. Now that I’ve had a chance to hear these songs in their own context and style on ‘Bastard Brother’, I’ve gotten an even better glimpse of Skai Harbor’s identity as an artist.

Skai Harbor

‘Bastard Brother’ is a grimy throwback album packed with some of the best peaks and dips of post golden era hip hop. Skai has a very nice range and command of his vocal abilities and the microphone. His rhymes are aggressive and to the point, not wasting any time with filler or needlessly long hooks. Kutlass Supreme, also a member of 210 West Ent, provides very memorable and complimentary guest verses. These two work well together and it translates in their team ups. The production on ‘Bastard Brother’ reminds me of the early 2000’s heyday and is very comforting and refreshing in contrast to today’s current soundscape, allowing it to stand out in my opinion.

Notable Tracks – “Pen Down”, “Show Out”, “Rap Delicatessen 2”