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This week on EMA Radio: Show #102…The topic everyone is one right now…what the hell is up with Kanye?? That and more on EMA Radio.

Press play and check out the episode.

Show Notes

On this episode of the show, I don’t see how we COULDN’T talk about ‘Ye. He’s having a rough time right now so we had to give our thoughts. We basically just try to figure out what’s really good with him.

After ‘Ye, we talk about PartyNextDoor and his comments about writing for Rihanna. He said it’s easier to write for other people vs himself. This caused me and Rozay to get in a bit of an argument because quite honestly…he’s an idiot. He = Rozay.

The last major topic was about ATCQ. With the success of their recent (and likely last) album, we wondered if this is the way older artists should go. Should they stick to their roots, make good music and not try to play catch-up with the young bulls.

Tune in to hear our thoughts.

After the main topics, of course we ran through #GAF (Give A F*ck) and blessed you with the 102nd #YOTW (Yams of the Week).

Enjoy and holla at me (@ema_therm).


Yams Of The Week – #YOTW: Show 102

The Yams Of The Week for show #102 is @sarahfergly. Check out her Yams and slide in her DM on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/sarahfergly/

Instagram: @sarahfergly

YOTW 102: Sarah Fergly