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Man…the homie Big Therm was super saucy on this episode lol. Tune into EMA Radio: Show #110 and here the Excuse My Adlib crew discuss the Fab & Jadakiss album that is supposed to be dropping soon. They also go in on Jaden (The Fresh Prince Son) about his Instagram meltdown. All this and more on EMA Radio, each Friday @ 9am EST on Worldwide Mixtapes.

Show Notes

On this episode we were all back in the building again. This week we talked about the delay with the Freddie vs Jason album that Fab and Jadakiss are supposed to be dropping. Are they lazy or just trying to make it perfect?

Will Smith’s son, Jaden had a semi meltdown on his IG the other day. We tried to figure out if it was a legitimate rant or just a bratty kid complaining?

The last major topic is provided by Mr. Nick Cannon himself. He says that there are too many misguided youth trying to live up to a fake image. Is he right?

All that and #GAF and #YOTW are back, of course.

Take a listen.


Written by Big Therm. (@ema_therm).

Yams Of The Week – #YOTW: Show 110

The Yams Of The Week for show #110 is @jazbadder. Check out her Yams and slide in her DM on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/jazbadder/

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YOTW #110: jazbadder