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Show Notes

On this episode we spoke about Prodigy and his advocacy of sickle cell anemia, Chance’s brush with Dr. Dre and Meek and Safaree’s “dust up”. After that we had our usual rapid fire session known as #GAF (Give a F!ck) and lastly, #YOTW (Yuca of the Week). Tune in for all the shenanigans.

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Written by Big Therm. (@ema_therm).

Yams Of The Week – #YOTW: Show 133

The Yams Of The Week for show #133 is @allhailkingsteph. Check out her Yams and slide in the DM on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allhailkingsteph/

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YOTW #133: @allhailkingsteph