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Show Notes

What’s really good with Young Dolph?! Mans get shot and start selling a bulletproof vest? Is it exploitation? Or capitalizing on a negative situation? Does this reinforce the thoughts of the typical hip hop naysayers that claim hip hop promotes violence? And if he “speaks his truth” on the new album, is it snitching or nah?

Tune in for all the tomfoolery as well as Yams of the Week and GAF.Tune in for all of this and more!

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Written by Big Therm. (@ema_therm).

Yams Of The Week – #YOTW: Show 149

The Yams Of The Week for show #149 is @therealmiarose. Check out her Yams and slide in the DM on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealmiarose/

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YOTW #149: @therealmiarose