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Music Distribution

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Sell your music online through Record Union music distribution

We’ve been reading your responses to our newsletter survey and one of the top problems that you as an artist have been facing is music distribution. You’ve said that you need help with getting your music out to the masses, so what we’ve done is connected with Record Union to provide you with the opportunity to have your music on major online music services / stores.

What is Record Union and what do they do for artists?

Record Union is an online service dedicated to supporting musicians around the world by helping them distribute their music online.

What’s included in this distribution offer to artists?

You will get:

  • 1 year of FREE distribution for the first release
  • UPC-code at no extra charge
  • This applies to any type of release (be it a single, EP or album)
  • You can choose between all of the digital services that Record Union distributes to

After the first year, you’ll be responsible for paying the normal, low rates Record Union offers for distribution.

Which platforms will artist’s music be distributed through?

Record Union currently deliver to iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, AmazonMP3,Beatport, eMusic, Deezer, Rhapsody, Wimp, Rdio, Nokia OVI, 7Digital, Simfy, Sony Music Unlimited, We7, Play.com, Meteli.net, Wa3.cn, HMV Digital, Juno Download, Dancefuel, and more.

Do artists give up any ownership rights when using Record Union?

No. With Record Union you keep the 100% ownership rights over your music and can remove it from Record Union anytime free of charge.

The only thing they ask is that you don’t distribute the same single or album to a service where it is available via us using another distributor. This would mean duplicate versions becoming available there which is something Record Union and their partners would like to avoid.

What percentage do artists get from sales?

You will receive 85% of your royalties after the music stores have taken their cut. However, if you know you are on to something good you can purchase royalty upgrade (for $20) which will upgrade this to 92.5% royalties.

Record labels gives you usually under 50% share, so this is a fair deal.

Each digital service that Record Union distribute to will take a commission from each sale and stream – this is around 30-40% of the retail price.

What percentage does Worldwide Mixtapes get from sales?

We get a small percentage of Record Union’s share (up to 7.5% of the combined track sales.), not from the artists part. So, you won’t lose a dime, only Record Union will!

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