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The person/artist/rapper in this music video go by the name of Smangaliso, his last name is Mthombothi and His stage name is Astonish which was derived from his identity name (Smangaliso in Swati). This official music video was taken in the University of Limpopo (Turfloop) by his friend and music partner, Sleek Jay. The soundtrack of this Music video was written and performed by him (Astonish) in early 2017 and it was produced by Magrega. The moral/purpose of this song was to say “Although rap has been upgraded to a level of usual bliss, we shouldn’t deviate from expressing our emotions and telling stories that everyone especially people in the ghetto can relate to, through it and preserve this culture”. This is a single from his first mixtape called “His Debut” that will be released late in August 2018, This is the first track of the tape that’s why its called Intro Of The Lyricist.