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Berner and B-Real drop a video for “Kings” from “Prohibition 2” on Worldwide Mixtapes!

If you’re looking for an album to soundtrack a smoke sesh, Berner and B-Real’s Prohibition 2 is a safe bet. The two Cali grass enthusiasts rarely harsh a mellow on the eight track project, and the beats are some of the breeziest we’ve heard this side of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s BUSHin 2015. Today, the dynamic duo drop off a video for the project’s “Kings.”

A nocturnal clip that has both dudes shoving loud packs in our faces, the “Kings” video has very few shots that don’t showcase weed, which is pretty awesome. If you’re gonna do weed rap in 2015, there’s no room for half measures.

** Courtesy of HNHH **