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Queensbridge O.G. Big Twins connects with his Infamous Mobb brethren Godfather Pt. III for the gripping, chilling new video for “Paranoid” directed by Medley Films. It’s also the latest we’re hearing from TNT, Twins’ upcoming collaborative album with L.A. producer Twiz The Beat Pro.

Like the track itself, the visuals center on a narrative in which whoever crossed Twins (and by extension Godfather) is suffering from a serious case of paranoia after leaving him for dead. Because here’s the thing, if you’re going to cross him, you should probably make sure that one of the these three things happens: He doesn’t know your identity; he won’t be able to remember what happened; or he won’t walk away from it.

If you do leave Twins well enough to recover, well, you can see the consequences of doing that in the video (which is to be continued…).

Twins and Twiz’s joint album, TNT, which is now available for pre-order via iTunes, arrives this Friday, April 1 through Sound Unity Entertainment. And if you’re feeling this track, be sure to check out prior leaks including “Straight Face” featuring Killer Ben, “The Rotten Apple” featuring Prodigy, and “Take Away The Lies” featuring both Evidence and Alchemist.