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C-Neil Seeks to Inspire through His Music

C-Neil is a talented artist, songwriter, and producer based in Arkansas. In his latest release, “A Working Progress,” C-Neil opens up about the obstacles he has faced.

“A Working Progress” features Timara Rogers, a talented young singer whose soulful vocals add a beautiful tone to the smooth R&B beat. The song is paired with a gripping music video that showcases the struggles of two individuals searching for better lives. As the most requested song on the gospel radio station, Kingdom Party, the single has already proven successful.

C-Neil has worked in the music business since he was 15 years old. For years, he rapped and produced for artists local to St. Louis before moving to Atlanta to hone his craft. C-Neil has performed at several showcases in Arkansas, St. Louis, and Atlanta, including the Royal Peacock and the Urban Network Festival in Memphis.

Despite being well-received by critics and industry pros, C-Neil came to be dissatisfied. Inspired by his mother, he turned to his roots in gospel music. He was able to work with and produce with gospel artist Jason Champion, a former member of R&B group Men At Large.

C-Neil’s most prominent influences in his music are Kanye West, Dr. Dre, and Timbaland. He runs his own production studio, Iahweh Records. C-Neil’s goal is to share God’s Word and to inspire and motivate people through his music.

“A Working Progress” is available on all major platforms and you can follow C-Neil on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Official Music Video: http://bit.ly/youtube