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Ay what up Worldwide Mixtapes readers! Check out the latest song video from Chughey called “Geronimo”. It was engineered by Casey Bystrzycki and produced by Chughey himself. The production isn’t horrible. Although it could be improved it fits the style of Chughey’s orthodox flow. The self described “Young man with an old soul chasing dreams till they come to fruition”, Chughey has been dropping tracks consistently for over the past four years based off his SoundCloud @officialchughey. His past albums/mixtapes include “Still In The Sticks” (High is a dope track off there), “Sloth Life” (Now is a smooth song) and “Progress”. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Chughey in the future to hear how his music develops in the future. Let us know what you think about the Geronimo video in the comments below. Check us out for more right here on Worldwide Mixtapes.