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Check out the video from one of London’s amazing artist Florieme called “Lady Sings The Blues”. Here is what she had to say about her music and the inspiration behind Lady Sings The Blues.

I have always said that every music video I make will have a purpose. Whether it’s to highlight an issue, make people think or just make people laugh, every single one of the music videos I will release will have something to say, and it just turned out that my first had something to say both to me and for me. I have alopecia or if we want to get specific, Alopecia Areata that in layman’s terms means my hair falls out leaving bald patches on my head. I’ve suffered from this for the past 2 years. Losing it without choice at times not only made me feel ugly, but also like less of a woman. So I took the choice back. I was getting rid of a staple of my image and I wanted to capture that moment and share it with the rest of the world to hopefully inspire women who are not only suffering from alopecia, but think they have to constantly live up to expectations surrounding how they look.

I am not my hair.

It does not define me.

I wear my patches with PRIDE!

I also created a justgiving page for the Alopecia UK charity.