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Life for hip hop artist Jaiz revolves around music. Since entering the music scene , he has achieved many musical milestones. These milestones include being the highest ranked hip hop artist globally on reverbnation, and having millions of accumulated combined video views through various sites. Jaiz writes the kind of conscious lyrics that need to be heard, a quality lacking in the hip hop game today.

Music and rapping are Jaiz’s favorite methods of communicating his feelings and emotions. Jaiz believes that music is one of the best methods of self-expression. Jaiz is always open to dabbling in multiple genres to deliver a powerful message. Rap/Hip Hop will always be the genre closest to the heart of this very talented and diverse artist.

His biggest source of inspiration has been what he has witnessed throughout the world. He writes about real life issues surrounding the world we live in. He also draws inspiration from a wide variety of musical elements.

What Jaiz loves about music is that it has the power to overcome the constraints of perception and time. People from all walks of life are able to appreciate his lyrics, and are inspired. Jaiz loves the emotional connection that lives in the power of music.