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Prince Ohene-Ntow, now recognized by his stage name as OHENE-NTOW (Ohene is used predominantly in the Akan language and it is derived from African-Akan origins. The name means king chief) is a self titled Hip-Life/Hip-Hop business phenomenon.Born in Accra, Ghana, on October 19th, Illegal immigrant is a self titled Hip-Life/Hip-Hop business phenomenon. This Ghanaian native makes undeniably witful, cultural, and entertaining music, and attracts an international fanbase with his ability to rap in multiple dialects.” After releasing his first single, “CEDIS,” he has been distinguished as someone to be harkened. OHENE is known for his creativity and his distinct coil of words, creating diverse line of works. With that said, listen to the wisdom that Ohene-Ntow has written.

Check out Ohene-Ntow’s video for the single “Sorry”.