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While sitting in a local Phoenix coffee shop, I catch this young brotha writing out and doing research on setting up an album release party. We start chatting about music and more. Ronnie Dijon is what he goes by and after seeing his video for iContact, he is one of my new favorites to look out for.

“The Nomadic Bastard” aka Ronnie Dijon is originally from Los Angeles but now resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He started writing music for self-therapy and way to escape reality. It gave him a voice when he couldn’t speak about certain situations in his life. With his music Ronnie is an open book filled with stories of his trial and tribulations. His album “My Love, Her roses” will be dropping February 2nd 2017.

Check out his video for the song iContact feat Jae Beau. Also, click here to get the single on iTunes.

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