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Coming out of East Saint Louis, Illinois; representing the independent label Doorway, RT-FaQ is gearing up for the release of his newest project ‘Ea$t $t. Lo$er$’ with the drop of his first video/single “Dos”. The song is produced by The Great Joint Commission (Asurms and Richie Rich), and they made sure this one was a banger; while also allowing room for RT-FaQ’s rapid fire delivery yet substance filled lyrics. RT-FaQ spends the track describing some of his personal battles, as well as letting people
know he doesn’t have time for other people throwing negativity or shade in his life. This conscious; self-reflection lyrical output, combined with a banging track, is the formula that RT-FaQ has packed into ‘Ea$t $t. Lo$ers’. “Dos” is just a sample.

The video for “Dos”, shot by Alex White of Dim Productions, follows along with the theme of the movie White Men Can’t Jump. RT-FaQ plays the role of Sidney Deane, and RT’s friend Donnie Millas plays the role of Billy Hoyle, all the way down to the hat. Watchers of the video tag along with the two of them on their basketball adventures through the streets of East Saint Louis and Southern Illinois; as they try to avoid a sore loser who just ran to the trunk, take a ride around in a drop top, and make a friendly wager along with way. Does it end just like the movie? That’s for viewers to discover. So now it’s your turn to step out on the court, lace up your shoes (zapatos), and check out “Dos” by Ramel “RT-
FaQ” Prince, right this second. DOS!!