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New video from Brooklyn MC T.Dot called Hell or Heaven. Check it out now on Worldwide Mixtapes!
T.Flight joins him on this cut as well. Here is a bit of background about the idea behind Hell or Heaven from T.Dot:

The music video “Hell or Heaven” was a epic song off my latest project “Time is Money”. I wanted to do a visual to consciously get my message off to my listeners. The battle of Good vs. Bad, Righteous vs Evil, ETC exist if we feel it’s cool to talk about or not. I watch a lot of people sell their souls for the money or for some sort of material possession and on the flip side I have seen many be suckered in doing things they are not proud of against their own faith with cause them to loose themselves. My perspective on the song is that my faith in God will be with me throughout my travels through the music business and life in general, and I want to let the world know. Its cool to pop bottles, blow weed, but to make the world conscious of your life decisions I feel is something rap is missing on many scales. My group Underdogs Bite Too specializes is street conscious topics. We call it Block Gospel, music for the hood intertwined with mind, body and of course the soul.

Check us out at: youtube.com/UBTmusic
Soundcloud: @2Pac_Dot
Instagram: @2Pac_Dot
Facebook.com: @2Pac_Dot