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Tyson Amir’s “Between Huey and Malcolm” is a powerful poem from his debut book, “Black Boy Poems“. The 5th poem in this offering, it is one of the strongest social/political commentaries in the text. It features statements from both Huey P. Newton and Malcolm X as well. If you listen closely, it’s even structured with peaks and valleys that have hip hop influences in it. Which makes sense because in the music world he’s know as an accomplished artist. His last album, Purpose, earned two top 5 singles as well as critical acclaim from major hip hop publications all over. Tyson, who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tyson Amir is a freedom fighter, educator, author, activist, emcee, and poet in possession of a powerful pen that allows him to speak directly to the heart and souls of his generation. Tyson’s debut book is composed of heart, soul and struggle. This body of work will be a major contribution to the movement for Black Liberation for generations to come. Be sure to check out the video, leave your comments, and pick up the book Black Boy Poems on paperback or on Kindle today. Let us know what you think!