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Maryland native YungStawnShown was born into a musically-inclined, Palestinian family. Many of his relatives are singers, including his father – an international vocalist who sings in Arabic. Shown watched his dad perform live many times as a kid, but then his parents split up. 

An adolescent at the time, Shown was really affected by not having his dad around. To cope, he joined the family tradition of making music. Being connected to music helped him through a lot of challenges, but his peers didn’t take his art seriously. Over the years, he tried to focus on other pursuits, but music kept calling. Now, he’s answering.

Last month, Shown debuted the melodic and motivational single “Independent Deal.” He’s since followed up with the single “New Me,” which reflects on his state of mind and experiences in years past while sending a clear message – hate it or love it, he’s a new and improved YungStawnShown. 

Music is therapy for Shown. He gives you his life through his lyrics, and doesn’t shy away from his personal struggles with mental health. Shown’s songs speak to people who are going through similar things, and he hopes listeners will evolve with him through the therapeutic process. Shown often crafts songs with intentionality. Other times, he lets the vibe of the beat move him.

Shown enjoys a wide range of influences – from NBA Youngboy to the late Mac Miller, he’s drawn to artists who have overcome and remain genuine. Shown grew up listening to Akon and T-Pain, infusing some elements of their sound into his own. He’s also a fan of the legendary Marley family, as he enjoys reggae and supports the cannabis movement, which helps with his own anxiety.

In December, Show released his mixtape Time Determines Everything, which introduces listeners to who he is, and serves as a teaser for what’s to come. The entire project is about having a free mind and refusing to be boxed in, controlled, or adversely impacted by judgment and criticism. 

Shown turns 21 on April 23rd, and is commemorating the occasion by releasing an EP titled Out of My Mind “Finally 21.” The project is nearly complete – he’s telling a cohesive story that takes on different vibes over four tracks (one will be a remix to “Independent Deal”). Next month, he’s dropping a new single called “Count,” which outlines his plans for the future.

As he moves towards the future, Shown wants to bring more awareness and traffic to his [self-managed] Web site and creative content. Through this, he hopes to get feedback on his music from industry insiders. Still, he wants to remain an independent artist who owns everything he puts his hands on. Not only an artist, Shown foresees a future in business and starting his own label in the next decade.

Listen to YungStawnShown on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and TIDAL.